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Jos Van Hout
Van Hout
  • 22 + years experience as a Detective and District Attorney Investigator.
  •  10 + years as CEO in a Printed Circuit Board design business.
  • CEO in a Website design, remote computer repair and computer system maintenance business.
  • Law Enforcement instructor and presenter to the general public and financial institutions.
Jeff Wing
Senior Software Engineer
  • 7 + years with ISubpoena
  • 12 + years as a Software Developer
  • 2 + years as a Developer Supervisor
  • 7 Published mobile App
Office Manager
  • 2 + years with iSubpoena
  • 6 + years Agency Creative Producer
  • 5 + years Account Manager
  • 5 + years  Sales and Marketing
  • 5 + years Financial Analyst
  • 3 + years  Admin

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About Us

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iSubpoena has developed a new revolutionary system streamlining the criminal subpoena service to professionals in the law enforcement community. The “ISubpoena” system is not only paperless system but delivers the criminal subpoenas directly to the officer’s smartphone. With immediate alerts to the officer’s smartphones or emails to their smartphone and department email account, unnecessary overtime costs are reduced. 

Currently most district attorney offices still send out paper subpoenas. This product eliminates the need for paper subpoenas. We are therefore also a green company honoring environmental issues. Any district attorney's office nationwide, court system, police and sheriff departments, state departments, federal offices and potentially other civil markets can utilize our services.

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