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Karpel Solutions

PROSECUTORbyKARPEL is a browser-based case management system that utilizes an easy to use graphical user interface. The program allows you to use almost any device, anywhere, including the Cloud. Built with the latest Microsoft and SQL technologies, PROSECUTORbyKARPEL will streamline your daily tasks with built-in workflows and collaboration features that will save you time and simplify your daily workload.

PROSECUTORbyKARPEL Case Management System Includes the following tightly integrated features:

  • Document generation and eDiscovery from within the case
  • Person-centric system that allows a person to be added once and associated with a case based on role type​​​​​
  • Easy review of an individual's known legal history on a single screen
  • Access to all case information, on one non-scrolling screen
  • Integration with your judicial community, allowing law enforcement, jails, and courts to share information securely and easily​​​​​
  • Keep paper usage to a minimum and improve accessibility through electronic files
  • Track charges from arrest through to conviction, with field and conviction/plea charges resources
  • Integration with Adobe Pro or Foxit Business for comprehensive document redaction
  • Reports and Ad Hoc reporting to meet your statistical needs​​​​​
  • Hosted in our secure Cloud​​​​​



The Don Ryan Center for Inovation

An Economic Development Department of the Town of Bluffton.

Provide Startup and Growth assistance to Beaufort and Jasper County entrepreneurs.  We give guidance to anyone that needs support when starting or running a business.

To provide small business development to innovators, start-ups and early stage businesses launch. To grow their companies and provide the resources and experienced business guidance needed to help them achieve their goals – and help create a vibrant entrepreneurial business climate throughout the region.

Create a vibrant entrepreneurial business climate within the region through economic development emphasizing organic, sustainable growth. Enhance the economic vitality, diversity, and dynamism of the region.