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Legal Notification Services, Inc.
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Meet Jos Van Hout

President & CEO

  • 22 + years experience as a Detective and District Attorney Investigator.
  • 10 + years as CEO in a PC design business.
  • CEO in Web Design Business
  • Law Enforcement Presenter
Law Enforcement Professional with over 22 years of experience. Retired form Law Enforcement to Design and Develop Law Enforcement related platforms for Subpoena services and Marsy's Law Notifications. I am skilled at conducting valuation assessments for these new products and educating the law enforcement related agencies on this new technology. My passion is making a difference through my contribution to the Courts, District Attorney offices and all Law Enforcement agencies, by developing better systems to aid them in their endeavor to maintain law and order. It takes me the extra mile to make a difference in all of these public agencies to assist them to help victims of crimes and to punish the criminals. From personal experience, I am aware of the thankless job these public servants perform. Any help I can provide to make their job easier and more efficient, makes it all worth it.