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ISUBPOENA PASSWORD POLICY July 2015  -      Internet security is more important today than ever. Unscrupulous hackers are constantly attempting to infiltrate servers and network infrastructures. Server and database hacking is constantly in the news. Based on this concern, the ISubpoena system will be implementing a strict Password Policy to protect the integrity and security of the ISubpoena system. Starting July 2015 secure passwords will be generated and sent to admin accounts and will be managed by ISubpoena. For Individual ISubpoena user accounts please use a strong 8 character minimum password with upper case, Lower case and a special character within the password. If you need assistance creating a password please contact us. Please handle these new passwords accordingly and do not use your browser to “remember” your login information. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause however, to protect the integrity of the subpoena system and the associated data; this policy needs to be implemented.
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Court ruled on communications on Private Cell phones of public officers. The right to inspect specified written communications ( including email and text messages) sent or received by public officials and employees on their private electronic devices using their private accounts......... Read the entire ruling here Private Cell Communications
Supreme Court overturns the court of appeals decision on Private cell phone use by public employees. Reed entire ruling here: Supreme Court Decision
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