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Ready for Mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops, at all resolutions iSubpoena is loaded with features, time savers, interfaces that will impress officers and keep them informed about their court appearances.

20 + years of Law Enforcement experience, was used in the system design and development

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Key Features

Here’s a short list of our favorites features, including color status, active only, type of subpoenas

Check out all the features and options included with iSubpoena.

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Best in Class Subpoena Service

iSubpoena is fast becoming the best subpoena service for Law Enforcement. Ease of use, immediate call offs and time and money savings throughout the process is making iSubpoena the best choice for our Criminal Justice System.

Our Top 12 Features!

Fully Responsive

Online Training

Customer Service

Color Coded System

Conflict Calendar

Court date alerts

Administration Access

Email Communication

Immediate call offs

Officer Contact

Prosecutor Contact

Archive subpoenas

laptop pro

Best in Class Support

Our customer service is second to none. Support portal with knowledge base, ticketing system and online chat

Mobile Design

Not just ready for mobile, but specifically designed for Iphone and Android phones.

iSubpoena is fully responsive, ready for mobile phones, tablets and desktops of any resolution.


iSubpoena is fully responsive and will scale itself to any Android device.


iSubpoena works on all models of iPhones.

FREE Download

Apps are free to download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Service purchase by department required

Custom Services

iSubpoena service setup and configurations taken care of.

We'll do all the work. Have special requirements, we can do that too!.

Special Requirements

We can customize to your county requirements

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